Joel On Software

I have recently finished reading Joel on Software and thought id share what I think of this book.

What I liked about this book:
Writing in a casual and informal style, Joel has a humoristic way of getting his points through. You will find yourself chuckling at some of his arguments, while he makes some pretty good points and observations. What makes this book easy to read is that it is not a tech savvy book, instead it covers topics such as company politics and project management (but also goes into technical details

This book seems to be a compilation of Joels online writing. Some of the books interesting points is what the author calls the Joel Test, and his strategy letters I, II, III, IV, V, which you can find on his website too.   Joel really has some good points made out in those articles. Of course there are plenty more in his book.

What I did not like about the book:
Joel's informal style allows him to refer to his previous work experience, praising himself every now and then for saving the day as well as marketing his current products and software company (over and over again). His style can get   a little cocky at times. He worked for Microsoft (where he was one of the smaaaaaaartest guys microsoft had according to this book) Well, if joel is such a great project manager   he should have come up with some kick ass product that people would like to use, or at least something that I would have heard of before reading this book. (well, i heard it eventually so i guess thats a success for him!).

Overall: This is a book well worth reading and belongs in the shelf of anyone involved with software project management. This may not be a book with formal certified processes, however it contains what I would call common knowledge, which sadly enough is not followed by the majority of companies.  
It is a book that draws upon the life experience of a project manager along with explanations of what worked and what didnt work for him, all presented to the reader in simple terms.

Of course you can find most of the books content published on the author's site: but I would recommend getting the book instead, its worth it.
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